Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A Micro Office of One's Own

Morning all! I'm back!

Don't ask me why, but life has felt particularly busy these last few weeks, and I haven't spent nearly enough time writing. It's hard to believe how much I've missed it!

While I could certainly benefit from some extra free time, and perhaps a bit more self-discipline, I really think a little workspace to call my own would help me stay on track.

It seems laughable to admit, but unless I'm sitting at our dining room table typing (like I am right now), I do the better part of my writing on my iPhone while commuting!

These aren't unbearable conditions for the creative process by any means, but with distractions like the hustle and bustle of the city or the TV on in our combined living/dining room, I wouldn't call either of these scenarios 'ideal'.

Often I come across photos of nooks and crannies that people have converted into desktops or 'micro offices' like these ones below, and I'm completely enamoured.


How cute are these?!
I think creating a workspace like one of these would be such a fun DIY project, and not at all hard to do, but I honestly just don't have the space for it with our current floor plan and layout.

While they're not necessarily used to their fullest potential at the moment, the only two spots that might do the trick in our place are already very much spoken for...

There's the front entry way "closet", which is essentially a crawl space hiding behind my West Elm sheers, and the laundry nook off the washroom.

But who feels like writing in a windowless space, squished between storage shelves and a stacked washer/dryer set?

Not this girl! 

Perhaps one day I'll make something of this daydream, but for now I suppose I'll just have to make do!

Have you created a home office for yourself or a special space to hide away for a little R&R? How did you make it work?

More importantly, how did it make you work?

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InteriorGroupie said...

You're going to hate me, but we have an office...and I have done nothing with it. I know I should...but to be honest unless we are working a full day from home we're more likely to blog or work from our laptops on the couch. Bad I know. That said, maybe a nook on the main floor is what I need since the office is up on the 2nd floor!?!

Shannon @ Hoopla said...

I need a nook and cranny for an office desperately!! I just bought a printer and I literally have NO WHERE to put it!

Adding the finishing touch said...

I love all of these! I have a little nook for my computer. etc but need some more storage space for Lipstik documents, personal bills, etc. I love the office in a closet idea, it's adorable!

Krista Illies said...

@Heather - I don't hate you, but I'm admittedly a little jelly! :)

@ Shannon - What about that spot under the stairs, where you started your framed-photo collage? I can't remember if you have anything sitting on the floor there?

@Nicole - I still haven't seen your desk down on the main floor yet! Crazy! Marc just bought me an expanding file case for all of my paperwork and I'm shocked at how much it's already helped me stay organized.

Thanks for the feedback ladies! xo