Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Life is Good!

Morning all! It's been over a month since I've last posted, but here I am, back again!

I didn't plan to take these few weeks off from blogging, I've just been super busy lately, and to be honest it's done me good to squeeze in a little downtime.

I'd like to say I've been doing lots around the house, but that would defeat the purpose of taking a break, now wouldn't it?

No, instead I've been taking advantage of this beautiful summer by swimming, doing pilates outdoors twice a week, and spending plenty of time with friends and family.

Yep--life is good!

Even with a little more time on my hands, just keeping up with our small household has felt like a huge job--one that'll only get harder to manage with a few weekends away throughout the rest of the season.

The one thing I did do to better the look and function of our little home was to replace our makeshift "cubby" bookshelf/drawers with a huge and very blue, eight-drawer Hemnes dresser from Ikea that MLo and I built a few weeks ago!



You like? 

It looks small from this angle, and I'll likely replace the hardware down the road, but what an improvement, eh?!

This piece provides much more storage than we had before and it suits our space perfectly.

It's hard to believe we let a "temporary" solution like that cubby last just over two years in our bedroom, but that's what happens when you have a modest budget and what seems like a million more pressing things on your list to tackle!

Since I've left more than a couple projects undone over the last little while, I'm hoping to get back on track and also write posts more regularly again. So stay tuned--there's more on the way from the Nook of Wellington! 

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Kristen said...

Looks great! I love that the Hemnes line doesn't scream "I'm from IKEA!!!"

Holly said...

Can't wait to see the hardware you choose.