Friday, 9 December 2011

Faux Fireplaces!

In the few days since I last posted, I've had lots of people come to me with the same question... "You have a FIREPLACE?!?!"

My reply? Hell yeah, I do!!! :)

Finding an apartment with an honest to God, wood-burning fireplace in the city is just about impossible, which is why it never occurred to me or to Marc to add it to our "must have" list while we were looking for a place.

Nearly two years later now, I can say that we absolutely L-O-V-E having our fireplace and the novelty hasn't worn off in the slightest!

Thanks to Marc's dad, who kindly hauls loads of firewood home from hunting trips for us (and delivers it right to our door!), throughout the fall and winter we're burning bright three to four nights a week!

For those who aren't so lucky, and long to cozy up fireside on the regular, there are a couple alternatives to consider...

I'd say the easiest alternative to the real deal is the "yule log", AKA the fireplace channel on TV during the holidays (which you can actually buy on DVD accompanied by music and soft crackling noises!) A step up might be one of those mini plug-in fireplaces with glowing plastic embers...

Not sold? Yearning for a real mantel where you can display photos or hang stockings? In that case, maybe this next idea will better suit your taste... GET YOURSELF A MANTEL!

Who says you need a chimney to have a fireplace?! Whether you buy it or build it, your home can have a beautiful makeshift fireplace, complete with lights, candles,  or any other decor you could imagine for the new focal point of your living space.

Here are a few examples I've come across that may peek your interest...

What do you think? Would you make the effort to create a faux fireplace in your home? If so, check out this great post I found on Apartment Therapy with full DIY instructions!

Have a great weekend!


P.S. Just a quick note to one of my best friends who will be getting married tomorrow... CONGRATULATIONS Nicole & Michael! Love you guys and can't wait to share in your big day! XOXO



Torey said...

I love this post! It makes me want a faux and / or real fire place so badly! I love the picture of the one with the tray of candles. Think the tray of candles in front of the TV with the picture of the fire would work? Too much? :) haha XO

andreapalen said...

I'm dying for a fire place. I want one in my bedroom!

Anonymous said...

we have a fireplace and its all blocked up...why??? why would you do that?


Leah Michelle said...

Canadian Tire has a fab little pretend fireplace on sale this week xo