Thursday, 15 December 2011

* Holiday Hostess Gifts *

Alright, it's been a week since I've last posted. I am officially a slacker.

I love the holidays - the food, the music, the functions - but what I do not love is the extra strain on my already busy schedule.

Between working full-time, Christmas shopping (which I've almost finished!) and maintaining what I consider to be a fairly active social life, I've had almost no time for projects around the house, let alone the energy it takes to write about them!

Hopefully once the upcoming marathon of festivities is behind me I'll get back on track, but in the meantime I'm just warning you, these posts might remain few and far between.

Since everyone reading this probably has a number of functions of their own coming up, here are a few ideas for cute and practical hostess gifts that won't break the bank...

Cheese Tray or Mini Cutting Board + Cocktail Napkins 
+ Festive Spreader

$20 or less and these items will always come in handy.

How About A New Take on the Cookie Jar?

If memory serves me, Winners has these bad boys on for $9.99!

Homemade Mistletoe!

You can never find it when you want it, so click here for some DIY inspiration and spread a little holiday love! 


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