Thursday, 19 January 2012

Mad About Bar Carts!

As many of you may know, AMC's Mad Men is at long last returning this Spring for its long-overdue and highly anticipated fifth season.

That's right, come March 25th, the good folks over at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce will be back in your living room, right where they belong.


This news may not mean much to some, but here in the Nook it's kind of a big deal...

The writing is fantastic, the cast is stellar, but as former Film Studies and Production Design student, I'm especially mesmerised by the art direction.

So, in honour of the show's return, I thought I'd dedicate this post to one of my favourite pieces of furniture that pop up in episode after episode...

The Bar Cart!

Arteriors Connaught

There's something about a bar cart that I just find really charming.

The mere idea conjures up images of a swanky cocktail party, where the host would have every kind of booze you could think of on hand, ready to fix the most obscure drinks ever ordered in a jiffy.

That's right, jiffy...


Indeed, the bar cart trend is alive and well these days, with modern options popping up left and right that really speak to the same combination of practicality and style that vintage models seem to have.

West Elm

Pottery Barn


These bar carts are attractive, useful, and quite often portable... what's not to like?!

Once again, due to space restrictions and $$$, I've got my bar cart sitting patiently on my One Day list, but man oh man... one day!



Adding the finishing touch said...

I love bar carts and want one! We recently bought a very large book case from Crate & Barrel and we're dedicating some of it's space to house our liquor.

Krista Illies said...

Good place to start! I also like the way you and M have your booze up on top of the antique radio at the moment! Can't wait to see the bookcase! XO

Anonymous said...
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