Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Right Where I Want To Be

Last weekend my Dad and I made the last minute decision to check out an architectural exhibit down at the Harbourfront Centre that I've been meaning to write about since...

Ironically, the very little exhibit was called BIG ENOUGH? and was focused on the choice we all make when deciding between urban or suburban living, and how both our life priorities and perspectives on space shift accordingly.

Several installations included photos, text, 3D models and more, by firms Altius Architecture Inc., nkA, and rzlbd, and artist Surendra Lawoti.

My favourite feature of the exhibit was the very first thing we saw as we walked through the door...

There was a map of Toronto on a poster board up against the wall and two small dishes off to the side of it... one meant to hold red tacks, the other yellow.

The instructions said to punch your yellow tack through the map to mark where you do live and the red where you want to live...

When she noticed us checking out this installation, the woman working behind the desk said, "Oh sorry, we ran out of yellow..." and without a thought I replied, "That's okay, they'd be on the same spot anyway!" 

If there was ever any doubt, that comment confirmed a very big reason why I'm a very lucky girl. Renting or not, I am living exactly where I want to be right now, and from the looks of this map, not everyone can say the same.

In fact, the location might be what we love most about our little home. Our condo complex and the neighbourhood itself has the feel of a small town right within the city, and we're close to everything, including some family and friends.

Having said that, this little apartment is definitely not big enough and I'm well aware that it won't house us forever, but for the moment at least, I can say it's just about perfect... and just maybe worth the sacrifice of square footage :)

What  about you, are you right where you want to be? If not, why? Regardless of your answers, head down to this exhibit if you can and make your mark on this map of the GTA ... open through July!

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Holly said...

A ringing endorsement of my soon-to-be neighbourhood.

Also, I must see this exhibit.

Krista Illies said...

Hey Neighbour! It's definitely worth a look next time your down this way! Then you can watch the hand blown glass people and potters with awe as they make their masterpieces! Love that place :)