Tuesday, 28 February 2012

*I Heart (Need) Spring Cleaning*

The last few weeks I've found myself doing a crazy amount of Spring Cleaning.

I usually clean when I'm stressed, but more than anything this time I can tell I'm just anxious to lighten up, de-clutter and will some good weather my way.

Cleaner London

After a few of these super-productive spurts of energy, it dawned on me that I'd successfully accomplished a few items on a home organization to do list I made not too long ago - hooray!

I don't have any shots of my recently revamped 'junk drawer' in the kitchen, but between that mess, my overflowing under the bathroom sink basket, and my reorganized half of the closet, I've made a serious dent in my household clutter!

Note: "Before" shots would've been a tad too embarrassing to share, so just trust me when I say these "afters" are a huge improvement. 

Yes, this is my half of the closet... gotta love compact city living... 

How'd I do it?

I tossed millions of half-used lotions, gummy nail polish and shattered eye shadows... wrapped up clothes, books and shoes to give away... created a 'to sort or shred' pile of old paperwork - which I still have to tackle - and generally just made more sense of where the surviving items were stored.

I actually had to take apart my new set of plastic drawers and break off one level to make it fit inside the cupboard, but now it fits perfectly and I am in love. 

I know these ideas aren't especially ingenious or original, but with every choice I made and everything I chucked, I simply made better use of the space and now I can actually find things - what a novel idea! 

Naturally, in our snug little apartment, staying organized will be an on-going battle, but it seriously amazes me how much more efficient I already feel as I get ready each morning with these few, relatively small changes.

Have you tackled your personal mountain of stuff lately? How else do you de-stress or get your place ready for spring?

Share your story or, for the love of God, just tell me I'm not alone in my "Monica"-esque neurotic tendencies, will ya? ;)

KLI | NofW


Adding the finishing touch said...

You're not alone! I have a pile of stuff in the spare room that's been there since November that I have yet to tackle. Hopefully this weekend!

Shannon @ Hoopla said...

Good for you Krista! I need to get into the spring cleaning habit, but just can't get there yet. You're definitely inspiring me though :)

Holly said...

Do you ever peruse Lifehacker? I was looking at these last night for some reason. Well, I know the reason. I'm trying to get rid of everything that I don't need.


Krista Illies said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies!

@Nicole If I had a spare room, I'm quite sure I'd have put this off too!

@Shannon I'm pretty sure you can get away without lifting a finger for the forseeable future... put those boys to work! ;)

@Holly I'll defo check out those links, thanks! And even though I'm trying to get rid of stuff, please don't throw anything awesome out without checking with your pal KK first... just in case! ;)

Holly said...

Oh KK, I'm going to have lots of stuff up for grabs.

However, if you take stuff off my hands and then make it gorgeous and enviable, I will be heartbroken. And try to steal it back.


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