Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mother's Day & My Hosting Marathon

Happy Tuesday all!

How's everyone's week shaping up so far?

This past weekend while MLo was in Vegas and I was on my own, I tossed my lengthy mental to do list aside and opted to entertain not once, not twice, but three days in a row!

Friday, I hosted a little pre-drink with the girls before hitting Williams Landing in Liberty Village; Saturday, an impromptu barbeque, which included my first attempt at caramelized onions and bacon bit toppers for the burgers; and finally Sunday, a Mother's Day Brunch for my beautiful Mum and sisters.

Here's the menu I ended up with:
  • My first ever homemade quiche with sautéed onions, bacon, broccoli and shredded marble cheese
  • A quinoa salad with red and yellow peppers, soya sauce and a little spice
  • Spinach salad with diced pear, dried berries, walnuts and a maple balsamic dressing
Add a little champagne, some pink lemonade (Mama's favourite!), and strawberry-banana frozen yogurt popsicles for dessert, and there you have it! Brunch of champions!

Sure I was pooped after all was said and done, but doesn't it feel good to flex that hosting muscle every now and again? I might wait until later in the summer for my next turn--what's your next big event?

KLI | NofW

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Adding the finishing touch said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! I can't wait to eat at casa Illies again! xo

GBC said...

I'm pleased to see the Pyrex bowls being put to good use.

Krista Illies said...

@Nicole - I will host you again soon, promise! XO

@Greg - I told you, I use my Pyrex bowls as much as humanly possible! Love them! :)

GBC said...

I will continue to look for more for you.