Tuesday, 22 November 2011

"The Boutique"

Right before I moved in with Marc, I bought a terrific walnut dining table with a secret built-in leaf that I absolutely loved. Since my last apartment didn't really have much room for a table, this was a huge thrill!

It was the right price, thanks to an Ikea "Wacky Wednesday" sale, and it fit the space perfectly, but without chairs to sit on it was still a little tricky eating at the table...

I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on a brand new set, so my Auntie Lisa suggested I head over to what our family now affectionately refers to as "The Boutique".

The Boutique is a dingy hotel furniture liquidation store located in the northeastern part of the city, where millions of new and gently used pieces are just sitting there, marked down to decently low prices and begging to be revamped!

Whether you have your eye on modern pieces of furniture, antiques or misfits like these, a little imagination and the ability to look past slight wear and tear can end up making all the difference in the world to your space and style.

In Auntie Lisa's case, a little paint went a very long way for a couple of dressers and a nightstand, and most recently she's reupholstered a [now] gorgeous pair of club chairs. These finds alone were inspiration enough to get me in the car and headed north to hunt down chairs of my own!

With Marc's help, I ended up taking home four simple wooden chairs (like the one pictured above with worn navy fabric) that suited our table perfectly.

For over a year now they've served their purpose, and haven't looked half bad, but with the new fabric we finally picked up this past weekend they're sure to look even better in no time!

Stay tuned!



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