Thursday, 15 September 2011

In Honour of TIFF

In honour of the 36th Toronto International Film Festival that's taking place right now, I thought I'd post a little something about one of my favourite and relatively cheap types of decor. Movie Posters!

No, I don't mean the John Belushi Animal House print that most of us hung in our dorm rooms (guilty)... I'm talking about uniquely and professionally mounted promotional posters and prints from classic films and favourites.


What I like about mounted posters is that they can really add to a space by reflecting one's personality, interests, or style. 
Are you huge into Sci-Fi? Love surfing or riding your Harley on the weekends? Perhaps you're just a pop culture junkie or history buff? No matter what you're into, the opportunities to express different sides of yourself with movie posters are endless.

In our case, Marc and I both went to film school, met each other while working on a production, and are big movie fans in general, which his original Star Wars and my Jaws poster indirectly reflect. Of course, now I'm wishing we had a second bedroom or office to hang them in, but c'est la vie...

Not only can you find an endless selection of posters and many ways to mount them, but since these pieces are cheaper than fine art, why not display different ones throughout the year?

Have you hung or would you consider hanging movie posters in your home?  Do tell! 


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    Leah Michelle said...

    It's a Wonderful Life and White Christmas hang framed in my apartment year-round because my love for them knows no seasonal shunning :)