Tuesday, 13 September 2011

My First Apartment

Soon enough I'll show and tell you plenty about our home, but first I thought it might be best to share a little about where I was coming from when Marc and I decided to move in together.

Two years ago when I moved into my first apartment I was absolutely elated and, above all, relieved...

Those who know me well know the frustration and weariness I experienced when I was in what I affectionately refer to as my 'nomad' phase (those of you who don't know me can read about it here!) but alas, it came to an end when I finally handed over first and last on a brand spanking new "junior one bedroom" condo at King & Spadina!

It was close to work, clean, safe, had ensuite laundry, nine foot ceilings, and it was mine all mine. The only problem was that all of this comes at a price... before I knew it I was "rent poor".

I had an amazing apartment, sure, but I could barely afford to leave it, let alone decorate or furnish it the way I wanted to! Suddenly floor to ceiling windows and an amazing location didn't seem to matter much.

As luck would have it, Marc and I decided to move in together towards the end of my one year lease (though I would have had to move anyway) and we found a great apartment at a fanstastic price!

Now, trust me, our first apartment is a far cry from the stark, pristine condo I had, but with a wood-burning fireplace and little backyard, it immediately felt a lot more like home than I ever could have imagined...

...it's just a shame I couldn't take that concrete feature wall with me ;)



Adding the finishing touch said...

Your first apartment was lovely!! I do love your fireplace and backyard in your my place though, very homey and wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I like "budget sometimes struggles to keep up with her many ideas"

Don't worry about it. People who live within their means suffer from a lack of imagination.


Krista @ Nook of Wellington said...

Ditto, Bigiones... and well put Matty! Thanks! :)