Thursday, 22 September 2011

Simple Pleasures - Vintage Pyrex

My good friend and former Production Design prof Greg Chown is many things... an Art Director, Storyboard Artist, Teacher, Blogger and, among other things, a long time collector.

Comic books, old radios and speakers, vintage bikes, and probably several other antiques, I'm sure, which I don't even know about...

When I first got my own place, Greg presented me with a housewarming gift that revealed yet another of his obsessions (and subsequently, mine)... wrapped in newspaper and hidden in his backpack were two Vintage Pyrex Bowls with my name on them!

At first it was the classic yellow and green of the Primary Colours nesting set, followed shortly thereafter by the smaller red and blue. I was thrilled!

Several Sunday trips to the St. Lawrence Market later, I am now the lucky owner of yet another a small blue bowl, a medium bright yellow, and one medium light green from the Spring Blossom set.

Not only that, now that I live with Marc, we have two more from the Mushroom Forest Fancies collection that used to belong to his Grandma Bell!

I use them for everything - chips, popcorn, my homemade guacamole and more - and I absolutely love the colour and the life they bring to our kitchen and home!

Check out Greg's fantastic blog here for more great vintage finds and amazing 'then and now' shots from all over Toronto! And for more on Pyrex check out what other collectors have come up with on Pyrex Love.
...and thanks to Mum for this latest addition to my collection! :)



Krista @ Nook of Wellington said...

Stop the press!

My mum just called me and informed me that the little white baking dish (bottom photo) is in fact Corningware! I stand corrected...

Thanks Mama! Xo

GBC said...

kk, Thanks for the shout out