Monday, 26 September 2011

My Lovely Weekend

This was technically the first fall weekend of the year and it was fantastic! 

I had a great dinner with Marc's fam and friends Friday, headed north Saturday to attend my friends' first Applestock concert and got some sun yesterday watching Marc's soccer game at Lamport Stadium. Not too shabby!


After so much running around all weekend, I was exhausted and just wanted to stay in bed... so I did!

I managed to hang out all night, watching TV and fiddling around with a million frames and photos, basically trying to map out the collage I'm creating above our bed.

When I started planning this a while back I thought I'd include some objects as well as frames (mirrors, the carved top of my old jewelry box, etc.) but even my iPad-doodled designs never felt quite right...

Since the bulkhead atop the grey feature wall in our bedroom really eats up some height, I started to get the feeling that perhaps less really is more, and I should keep it simple.

Now nothing has actually been hung on the wall yet, and I may still have a change of heart or two, but progress is progress and this was more than enough for a Sunday night!



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