Sunday, 2 October 2011

Fall Festivities

I've busted out my scarves, finally shut the windows and we've now had our first fire of the season to warm the place up... October has arrived!

Next weekend we have three, count 'em, three Thanksgiving dinners to attend and in no time at all it'll be Halloween. I was reminded of this while poking around West Elm (one of my favourite Sunday activities) and saw some of their awesome seasonal decorations...

I'm not sure what I'm up to this Halloween or if I'll even be dressing up, but I can say for damned sure that I'll be carving another pumpkin or two! 

Carving pumpkins into Jack-o-Lanterns is one of those silly little activities that I seem to put a lot of time and energy into, for no reason at all aside from my own entertainment. 

But what's not to like? You can get creative, get your hands dirty, and if nothing else, get delicious toasted pumpkin seeds out of it!

Last year I was inspired an old Sam Roberts Band t-shirt of mine and came up with this night owl... three hours of sketching, gutting and carving later, I thought it turned out pretty well! 

But now it's back to the drawing board... any ideas for this year's design? Will you bother busting out fake spider webs, skulls and the like? 



Kristen said...

Wow! That pumpkin is amazing Krista!

I'm planning on hitting up west elm as soon as the halloween stuff goes on sale..because I think there is nothing wrong with glittery skulls 12 months of the year :)


Krista @ Nook of Wellington said...

Thanks Kris! I think they're on sale now at 15% off! Word to the wise though, those skulls look awesome but they're actually super flimsy... more shell-like than solid!

Torey said...

Your pumpkin carving skills are uncanny! I need a lesson this year (seriously)!