Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Simple Pleasures - My Ikea Catalogue!

After a deliciously blustery and relaxing weekend up north with my girlfriends, my chaotic Monday just about did me in. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep my bad mood away. 

And then I spotted my Ikea Catalogue.

Even though I can go online literally any time I want, and see virtually every single item the moment it's available for sale, there is something particularly special about receiving my hardcopy in the mail.

It's not unlike the excitement my sisters and I experienced at the arrival of our beloved Sears Wishbook as kids. Only instead of sifting through page and after page, looking for toys and super hot leggings with stir-ups, I now lust after shelving, lamps and bedding with the exact same fervor!

I'm not sure I can pin point what I love most about Ikea... the simplistic Scandinavian designs and the reasonable prices? Or the fun of assembling everything myself? (I'm not kidding) Maybe it's their awesome Wacky Wednesday sales or the fact that I can get a plate of Swedish meatballs or a full breakfast and a beer for literally, like, $4...

Whatever it is, it's fantastic.

Now it's time to simultaneously doggie-ear my way through the catalogue and burn my way through what's left of my 100 pack of tealights... all for an excuse to head back to the happiest place on earth my local store! 


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