Friday, 7 October 2011

My Ugly Bathroom

As I've mentioned before, when we first saw our apartment both Marc and I were able to look past lots of not so impressive features. The one thing that I could not get past however was the dingy, ugly bathroom, that was so awful both Marc and my sister, Jenna (below) thought I'd veto the place altogether!

As the only washroom in the unit, it's a decent size, but it sits right in the middle of the narrow townhouse layout and is therefore entirely without natural light.

Perhaps to overcompensate for this, the owners installed terrible fluorescent lighting, which only seemed to magnify the several imperfections of the crappy white paint job, the odd mismatched shelving, and general grossness of it all.

We decided we wanted the apartment, but I said right then and there, if I was to move in then something would have to be done to this sorry little space and fast!

That was the first time I really thought, as renters, most of the home improvements we make will be even more money right down the drain. Not owning the place means that when the time comes to vacate, someone else will benefit from all of the time, cash and elbow grease spent fixing it up... not us.

Having said all that, I seriously could not stand the room, I'd be embarrassed to have others use it, and I definitely couldn't picture myself having a relaxing bubble bath in it, which is unacceptable! So what could we do?

Stay tuned and soon enough I'll reveal how just a few small changes made a world of difference to this ugly duckling of a room!

Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!


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Anonymous said...

clearly adding sister to your bathroom makes it look great!