Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sewing and the City

For the last four years, this particular week has been very busy for me, as MLo's birthday immediately follows Valentine's.

Since last year we spent those days on Maui, horseback riding across a cattle ranch and feasting at an authentic Hawaiian luau, I sort of succumbed to the fact we couldn't top ourselves this time around!

Nonetheless, I treated him to a terrific dinner one night then he cooked me an incredible dinner the next... in fact it was so good it earned him the right to open his birthday gifts early.

I picked him up a couple odds and ends, plus tickets to one of Joel Plaskett's upcoming Toronto shows... in other words, I did good! 

I normally consider myself pretty talented at gift giving, but one thing Marc's mentioned time and time again, which I've not thought to pick up for him is a sewing machine.

The only thing I know how to sew is a button, but he allegedly knows his way around a machine quite well and would love to be able to make and mend things around the house.

The Student Sophisticate
My Mum always said her father was so handy he could make anything, including living room curtains, but something tells me Grandaddy had a little more room to work with than we have in our modest apartment. So what's an urban craftsman to do? 

I just figured it out... head to The Workroom

The Pin Pals

The Workroom is a pay by the hour sewing studio in Parkdale that's equipped with sewing machines, cutting boards, button presses, fabric and more, where experienced sewers and newbies alike can work on their latest projects. 

Even if you're like me, and wouldn't know where to begin, there's a Sewing Machine Essentials class that you can take for just $55 that will help you find your way around a sewing machine and learn this useful skill. 

Then once you're up to speed, there are a whole bunch of classes you can take that will help you create everything from dresses to men's ties, bags and more. Cool, eh?

I'm not sure MLo would necessarily go for this, but at least we know The Workroom is there if either of us ever wants to give it a try!

Do you know how to sew? If not, are you interested in learning how? What would you do with that skill?

Wishing everyone a very happy Family Day long weekend!

KLI | NofW


April said...

I would TOTALLY attend something like this! I've been toying with learning to sew for a while now: it would make things like hemming and mending the kids clothes so much easier, but I always have visions of myself making throw pillows and curtains and all sorts of crap I don't really need, just because I CAN. The Workshop is definitely something I'll have to put on my to-do list!

Heather said...

The Workroom is an amazing place! I've taken a couple of classes there, but I'm always inspired just by visiting the shop. Totally encourage you to take a class, especially is you're a sewing novice. Karyn (the owner) and her staff are so welcoming and work one-on-one with you. You will love it!

Krista Illies said...

Thanks Heather, I'll have to pop in next time I'm in that area if only to check out the space!

And April, you should TOTALLY do the workshop... I think I'll feel more inclined to sew (read: learn to sew) once I myself have kids. Let me know if you go! :)