Thursday, 9 February 2012

What are Design Junkie Friends for?

In the last year or so, many friends of mine have been purchasing their first homes. For those few who may consider themselves decor-neophytes, the idea of furnishing these homes seems to be just one more item on a very long list of first time home-buyer stressors.

Since buying furniture is usually an expensive undertaking, even those with impeccable taste and a clear vision can benefit from a second opinion as they scout out pieces.

While I don't consider myself a design expert by any means, I've noticed that ever since I started NofW I've had lots of people come to me with their decor questions.

Whether they want my opinions about colours schemes, thoughts on furniture placement, or even just suggestions for retailers, I am beyond flattered and thrilled to help out however I can!

My friend Holly (who you may remember from this awesome guest post) is the latest soon-to-be homeowner to reach out to me for my two cents on a hugely important piece in every home. The couch!

"I'm having a hard time finding a small, open couch in my budget. Do you think that having just a chaise lounge as a couch would look funny?" 

I like a chaise lounge as much as the next guy, but like I told Holly, in my humble opinion you will never regret buying a real couch.

With that, HK agreed to let me do some digging her behalf and gave me free reign to feature this search in a new post. Boom!

"Holly's Must Haves"

Not too big/overpowering for a condo
Fabric, not leather
Grey is the only acceptable neutral
Under $1000, as she's furnishing the entire place at once
"Wish List"

Long enough for guests to sleep on
Secret storage definitely a plus
Clean lines preferred but not required
Legs (no skirt) and possibly armless to open up the space
Midcentury/Midcentury Modern feel

I will happily go shopping and have a "sit test" marathon to see how each of these add up comfort-wise, but in the meantime here are four great and affordable options I've found for Holly to consider, that meet most, if not all of her needs...

If anyone can rock this sofa, it's Holly... 

For only $699.99 + delivery you get a super vintage look and it converts into a compact sleeper! Loves it.

Not a pull-out, but super modern and on sale for $799 - down from $1199!!! It's a little on the bland/neutral side, yes, but pillow covers are a super easy and inexpensive way to add punches of colour or pattern that you can change with every season... or mood ;)

Clean lines and, depending on which swatch you choose from their extensive selection, you're getting a solid couch for as little as $887.89 + delivery... a tad pricier but a little bird told me HK won't be living too far from the store's Liberty Village location. Can you say "Zipcar"? ;)


$399 down from $499 until June 17th, this armless couch will keep the living room airy and open, plus it's fold-out sleeper, plus the cushions come with, PLUS it has extra storage beneath the seat! 

Blankets and linens, unseasonable clothes, a ridiculously large DVD collection... whatever you need to tuck out of site will fit here, no problem.

There you have it!

All fabric, long enough to sleep on, decently high off the floor and lots of variety when it comes to colour. Which do you prefer?

Even if Holly doesn't choose one of these pieces, hopefully I've provided a little inspiration for her and for anyone out there in the midst of their own search for an affordable and condo-friendly place to lounge :)

KLI | NofW 


April said...

All excellent choices, but I think I'm the biggest fan of Ava. I think it's something about her curved back, but she is bee-YOO-tee-ful.

On another note, I've awarded you a "Liebster" award ... check out my blog post today for details!

Krista Illies said...

Ditto - isnt' the Ava sleeper adorable?! And thanks so much for the Liebster, April! Loves it :)

Adding the finishing touch said...

Ava is my favourite!

Holly said...

Yes, which DO you prefer?

I love them all, really! I Ava is very 'me' and my heart my be there...


hollyafishup said...

p.s. Just noticed "if anyone can rock this sofa it's Holly'

Love you!

p.s. sold.

Krista Illies said...

Haha I had a feeling you'd like that comment - and I meant it! :)

Holly said...

I've already picked out wallpaper for an accent wall depending on whether I choose the green or purple couch.

Who am I?